Creative flair shown in the German and French Poetry Competition

20-11-17 St. Johns 0 comment

The St. John’s Languages department planned and organised a German and French poetry competition, which included students from the whole of the lower school, with the aim to greatly develop the students’ creative writing skills. The aim was to challenge St. Johnians who have exceptional writing skills in English and have a competitive spirit, to apply the same skills in the foreign language they study.

The students learnt how to play with words to make rhythms, before reading and studying poems in class. The students were given a different theme for each year group such as; describing seasons, pets, hobbies and friendship. By organising this competition, we hoped to boost the students’ confidence, experimenting with the foreign language in a fun way and encouraging them to become creative with their writing. Through this competition, the students proved that they were able to apply their linguistics knowledge and use the language in a non-conventional way, out of the school syllabus. The students also revealed a different side of their personality, creating astonishing, original and fun outcomes.

Miss Hopp, Head of Languages, presented the language poetry competition and revealed the top three winners for each language in an assembly on Friday 17th November. The top three students with the best creative poems received a Language Poetry Competition Certificate of Excellence. The French winner was Matthew Hintz, and Isabelle Lau for German; the students read their poems in the assembly. The winning poems have been put on a special display in the school entrance this week. The other students, whose poems were selected for the display, were congratulated in the assembly.