1st Forms: YORK TRIP

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14th February, 2020.

Dear Parents,

1st Forms:  YORK TRIP

The aim of this trip is to show the children one of England’s most interesting and beautiful northern cities.  At one time it was the country’s premier city – greater than London!

Cost:   £525


The Journey


  • SENIOR SCHOOL at 8.00 a.m. on Sunday, 17th May. (We shall assemble on the piazza).


  • Our return:  SCHOOL on Thursday, 21st May – afternoon at 5.00 p.m.


Please do ensure that you make it promptly on time.  We shall not be able to wait for late ones.  Please bring a packed lunch for the journey.


Also, picking up the children from school on our return.  After a long tiring journey, the teachers should not have to wait for any parent turning up late.  Sadly, too often, this does happen.  I remember how one teacher was kept waiting for over an hour!



  • We have reserved the Hampton by Hilton York and this will be held until the end of February. It is a new hotel and the accommodation will be first class.


  • Children should come dressed in sensible clothes.  If in doubt check with me.

No uniform will be required for this trip, but sensible clothes are a MUST however.  We shall be staying at the Hampton by Hilton York and we do not want to look ridiculously out of place.



  • Keep luggage to a minimum.  The children will be carrying their own luggage all the way there and back, so please insist that only essential items are included.  (On previous trips I have seen some pupils bring hairdryers with them!  (In any case, towels and hairdryers would be available at the hotel.)


Pocket money

  • Left to your discretion.



  • If there is anything concerning the health of your child that I ought to know, e.g. if your child requires any medication whilst on the trip, then please contact me immediately.



Included in the cost:    (i)         Breakfast (Monday – Thursday)

  • Dinner (Sunday – Wednesday) and packed lunch

on Thursday.

For any extra food (snacks, cakes, ice cream or pizza) I would suggest approximately £5/£6 per day.



Mobile phones are not permitted on this trip.


The things we intend to do and see:

  • Orientation Walk.  Getting to know the York’s city centre.
  • York Castle Museum.  (Step into a world where time stands still.  We shall wander along reconstructed streets and prison cells!  Also, we shall see hundreds of household objects which were so familiar to our grand, and great-grand parents, but now part of history.  (Authentic examples of washing machines, TVs, telephones rooms interior decoration, prison cells and whole streets … as they have changed over the years.)

  • Stonegate Walk.                    Covered shopping in the heart of York.
  • Coppergate Shopping.          High Street shopping in a traffic free zone.
  • Jorvik Viking Centre.  (An award winning ‘time car’ journey back in time

1,000 years to a Viking village!)


  • Full day visit to Castle Howard.


  • York Minster Visitors Centre.


  • National Railway Museum.  (The world’s largest railway museum.)


  • A guided ‘Ghost Walk’ at night.  On past trips, pupils have told me this was their favourite activity.


I hope the children will enjoy their visit; it will be a busy five days.


Hugh O’Neill,

Trip Co-ordinator.