A Level Chemistry Conference 2018

23-01-18 St. Johns 0 comment

The A Level Chemistry Conference was a very intellectually stimulating event, with multi award-winning academics sharing profound insights into cutting edge research with our students.

There was no doubt in their minds after the event that an academic career in Chemistry is a highly exciting and a useful undertaking. In addition, our students received multiple revision and study tips from an Examiner during two conference sessions, and saw several examples of possible pitfalls from past exam papers. The event ended with an enthralling talk by Professor Andrea Sella, who is very well known for his presentations about Chemistry on television and radio; for example, on the BBC’s Discovery channel. He shared his fascination with mercury with such gusto that it kept the students talking about it on the way home. It was a great and insightful day for all of the students.

Chemistry Conference 2018