Booster English Sessions for Fifth Form on Thursday at Prep Time

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8th November, 2016

Dear Parents,

Re: Booster English Sessions for Fifth Form on Thursday at Prep Time

 I would like to inform you that English revision lessons will be held every Thursday afternoon during Prep time from 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. throughout the academic year. These sessions will focus on preparing your child for all of the English GCSE exams (Language and Literature), which will be held in May and June. The following papers include the Language papers: Paper 1: ‘Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing’ and Paper 2: Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives’ in addition to the Literature papers: Paper 1: ‘Shakespeare and the C19th Novel’ and Paper 2:Modern texts and poetry’. All four of these papers will be extensively covered in these sessions.

You may be aware that there is no longer a coursework option, which used to account for 40% of the final grade thus under the new system, 100% of the final grade is determined by the pupil’s performance on the day. It is therefore crucial for students to hone their planning and timing skills for these exams. Both the content of the exams and techniques for tackling questions will be covered in these sessions. The sessions will be taught by your child’s current English teacher Mrs. Hull or Mrs. Roache, both of whom have extensive experience in teaching KS4 and exam preparation.

Please tick the statement below should you wish your child to attend and return to either Mrs. Hull or Mrs. Roache. The first session will be held on Thursday 10th November and will run throughout the academic year.


Pupil’s name: __________________                  Form: _________


I would like my child to attend the booster sessions.  _____

I would not like my child to attend the booster sessions. ____


Parent’s signature: _______________________________

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