Cake Making Competition 4th November 2019

15-10-19 St. Johns 0 comment

This competition is open to all pupils. “Best Cake Making” certificates and House Points will be awarded. This year the competition’s theme is “Science” at St. John’s. Click here to download full information.



  1. You must have made the cakes yourself – they cannot be bought. Parents can help (but only help!).
  2. Either eight small cakes or one large cake can be
  3. The winning cakes will be judged by appearance. The judging panel of five teachers will choose the best looking – themed or originally decorated –


Judging will take place at break time. At lunch time, the winning cakes (1st, 2nd and 3rd places) will be auctioned for charity; non-winning cakes will be sliced (if large enough) and sold with a price of 50p each slice.

Along with the non-uniform money raised for the day, all revenue from the cake auction and sale will be sent to the Jack Firmin Trust.

Please bring the cakes into the dining hall on arrival at school and remember to collect any containers you may have brought at the end of the day.


Mrs. Guerreiro,

(Cake Making Competition Coordinator).