Outline Schemes of Work

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9th September, 2019


Dear Parents,


Re: Outline Schemes of Work


Our ‘Outlines Schemes of Work’ for each subject and class will be available for downloading from the school’s website (https://www.stjohnsprepandseniorschool.co.uk) from Wednesday , 11th of September to Friday, 2nd  October 2019. 

The outlines will enable you to know which topics have been taught so far this academic year and also which ones will be taught in between now and the summer term. This is expected to help you give accurate advice to you children about the specific topics they need to revise before the end of year exams. However, these weekly outlines are not set in stone. As the weeks go by, variations throwing the timetable out by a lesson or two will inevitably creep in. Therefore, some flexibility will be called for in the way these outlines are used. A topic may, for example, go over into the following week due to the class finding it more difficult than expected or a teacher may be absent due to illness etc… gradually, however, everything should fall back into place. Nevertheless, the outline will still serve to provide a pretty clear indicator of how the delivery of the topics has been progressing during the academic year.


Yours faithfully,

Mr. Beritsis (Director of Studies).

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