Remembrance Day Assembly – Friday 11th November

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9th November, 2016.

Dear Parents,

We write to let you know that this Friday, 11th November is a special assembly. We shall be holding a WHOLE SCHOOL ASSEMBLY to commemorate Remembrance Day and you are all warmly invited to attend. We are sure you will find it an interesting and informative experience. Ignore your son or daughter if they try to pressurise you into declining the invitation.

Your child should be wearing their poppy, pinned carefully to their school blazer.

In order to arrange sufficient seating, please let us know if you are able to attend by completing the reply slip below and returning it to your child’s form teacher.

The assembly will begin at 9am and run for approximately 1 hour

We look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully,

 Andrew Tardios, Headmaster.



Remembrance Day Assembly – Friday 11th November


Pupil’s Name:                                          



We are able to attend  and will require       [       ]  seats (please insert number of seats)

We are unable to attend       [       ]  (please tick box if unable to attend)


You can download the the original letter and form HERE