Senior School Speech Day and Prize Giving

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Please find the information for Senior School Speech Day and Prize Giving below:


13th September, 2018.



Dear Parents,


Senior School Speech Day/Prize Giving Event

Friday, 5th October at 7.00 p.m.


I hope you are all looking forward to our Speech Day/Prize Giving event which will take place in the Senior School Sports Hall.  This is a special day and attendance is expected from all pupils from the 2nd Form upwards.


The attendance of the 1st Form pupils and parents, while most welcome, will continue to be optional.


In order to help us plan the event properly, please ensure that you obtain the correct number of entry tickets.  No tickets, no entry.  The event is free, but there is a condition – tickets taken must be used.  For unused tickets, there will be a charge of £6.  This is necessary to prevent unfair situations.  For example, a parent has certain guests in mind who may or may not be able to come.  As the tickets are free, the parent is tempted to take four or five just to be on the safe side.  Eventually, all the tickets are taken and the further issue of tickets come to an end.  On the night, what do we see?  Empty seats peppered around the auditorium and grumpy parents wondering why their requests for extra tickets were turned down.


If you are unable to attend, please make arrangements for your son/daughter to be brought to and collected from the school as this is a compulsory event.


Prep. School pupils, attending this event must come dressed in full school uniform and remain with their parents throughout the evening.  Please also note, that children under the age of seven will not be admitted.


Would you please fill in the attached slip and return it to your Form Teacher by Wednesday, 19th September at the very latest.  Please be prompt in order to avoid disappointment.


Look forward to seeing you on the night.



Andrew Tardios,



Please click here to print a copy of the letter and order slip