Sixth Form Visits Day – Thames Barriers and the Painted Hall

28-03-19 St. Johns 0 comment

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We took our Sixth Form to the Thames Barriers (Woolwich) and the Painted Hall (Greenwich) on 27th March 2019.

We had a very thorough Powerpoint presentation at the Thames Barriers delivered by a member of the Environment Agency that manages the site. The talk was full of fascinating details and amazing facts. For example, did you know that since there were built, the Barriers have been struck by 16 ships (some of which sunk there and then) without a tiny bit of damage to the structure?!

We then went onto to Greenwich town centre to have lunch at the Greenwich Market, and to visit the Painted Hall of the Old Royal Navy College. The splendour of the Hall is commonly compared to the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Several million pounds were spent on its refurbishment, and it re-opened amidst much fanfare only three days ago. In fact, our group was the first group from any education establishment to have a guided tour of the place! Our guides were most knowledgeable, and delivered a highly enjoyable tour.