St John’s Prep and Senior School’s Evening Recital

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St John’s Prep and Senior School students, based in Enfield, Potters Bar were given the opportunity this term to perform at an evening recital.

On October 9th, a handful of St John’s Prep School pupils were given the opportunity to perform at an evening recital in the school hall.

St John's Prep and Senior School's Evening Recital

This is part of a series of termly, informal evening recitals, which give pupils the opportunity to showcase their instrumental and signing ability outside of their regular lesson setting.

All of the performers are currently working towards their graded exams and by performing what they have been working on, they were able to demonstrate what they have learnt instead of just playing their prescribed pieces to an examiner.

Performers are selected by their respective peripatetic instrumental teacher when the latter feels that they are ready to put on a performance.

The following performers at the Autumn recital were:

  • Meghan Thompson, F.1 (singing)
  • Jason Obiamiwe, F.2 (saxophone)
  • Emily Chow, F.2 (singing & piano)
  • Gabrielle Ratnavel, F.1 (piano)
  • Charlie Green, F.1 (drums)
  • Nirvaan Tailor, U.T. (guitar)
  • Richard Chapman Boon, F.2 (guitar)
  • Natalia Perera, F.2 (piano)
  • Maahi Patel, F.2 (violin)
  • Michelle Rhys, F.3 (singing)
  • Luiz Gomes, U.T. (drums)
  • Harry Higgins, F.2 (guitar)
  • Lauren Chow, F.1 (violin)
  • Amara Rah, F.1 (singing)
  • Fadake Bello, F.1 (recorder)
  • Hannah Danso, L.T. (violin)

This story and a number of our sporting stories is available to read in the school’s Music Matters Magazine.

About St John’s Prep and Senior School

  • We have a combined 30 acres of land, all of which the children are able to enjoy.
  • G.C.S.E performance League Tables: 100% 17 years running.
  • Absolute maximum of 19 pupils per class.
  • St John’s Senior School hosts the largest official football tournament in Enfield/Middlesex to find representatives for the borough who then go on to the regional & national tournaments to compete for those 11 & under. These tournaments can involve up to 32 Enfield schools. St. John’s hosts a total of 7 such tournaments a year, 2 of which are for girls.

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