St John’s Prep and Senior School’s Greece Trip

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St John’s Prep and Senior School, based in Enfield, Potters Bar, is delighted to host a trip for its students to Greece.

On Saturday 16 May – for six days and five nights – St John’s Senior School students will join the school on a trip to Greece.

The cost of the trip will include air fare, coach transport to all locations in Greece, hotel accommodation (half-board – breakfast and one meal a day), entry fees to all points of interest and insurance.

AccommodationSt John's Prep and Senior School's greece trip

We expect to stay at the following hotels:

  • Hotel Apollon in Tolo (1 night)
  • Hotel Neda in Olympia (1 night)
  • Hotel Europa Beach in Galaxidi (1 night).

These are the hotels in which we stayed last year. They were excellent – clean plenty of food for the boys and girls.  Last year’s hotel in Athens, (2 nights), was well below standard.  This year, the agency has found us a much nicer hotel, but it has not yet been confirmed.


  • Athens: But not for too long – maximum two days. We shall see the: The Parthenon on the Acropolis. We will also visit major locations in the city and some shopping.
  • Delphi:  In many people’s view, this has the most beautiful setting of any site in Greece – high up in the hills of Mount Parnassus. Here was the greatest of the Greek oracles situated in what the ancients believed was the centre of the world and the home of the god Apollo.
  • Ancient Corinth: We shall pass over and stop at the Isthmus Canal. A breath-taking example of human achievement. It is a spectacular sight.
  • The open air Theatre of Epidaurus. Seating for an audience of 18,000 and yet so constructed that one can hear the sound of a 10p being dropped in the centre stage.
  • Mycenae: Everything about Mycenae has a dramatic impact on the senses. Go back 2,500 years and the city of Mycenae was swarming with the bronze age Greeks. It was from here that King Agamemnon called upon the Greeks to follow him to war against Troy and to bring Helen back.
  • Olympia: The site of the original Olympic Games, the most famous games in history. The first games on record took place in 776 BC, which is approximately 240 years short of 3,000 years ago.

How to book

More information can be found in the Letters section of the St John’s Prep and Senior School website.

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