St John’s Prep and Senior School’s Key Stage 3 Music – Update

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St John’s Prep and Senior School, based in Enfield, Potters Bar has provide an update of its Keys Stage 3 Music in its Music Matters Magazine.

St John's Prep and Senior School's key stage 3 music
St John’s Prep and Senior School’s Indonesian Gamelan Workshop

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd forms at St John’s have all recently completed practical assessments on a variety of styles of music and have started to work on new topics as well.

The 1st form pupils have been working primarily on African music, having had to compose music using only percussion instruments.

All of the groups took to working with djembes and percussion very readily and we all look forward to seeing how they get on with keyboard work, particularly keeping in time with each other!

The 2nd form pupils had to create their own music for a ‘Special Occasion’. Quite a few of the groups chose to create a piece for a carnival and some even added in their own chants and commentary. This half-term students will learn about Musicals, with every group having to create their own ‘one act musical’.

This will draw together not just music, but creative writing, dance and drama skills as well. This cross-curricular work will give the second-formers lots of opportunity to explore their own interests.

The 3rd form pupils have been looking at creating their own chord sequences in music and have been assessed on group work a couple of times, with the primary goal of getting the students to really focus on producing music that they rehearse and can take real ownership for.

As a result, there have been very positive outcomes within the two classes on the practical side, laying the groundwork for the students writing their own pop songs

This story and a number of our sporting stories is available to read in the school’s Music Matters Magazine.

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