The Appliance of Science!

28-02-18 St. Johns 0 comment

What a fascinating treat it was for our Fifth Form students to attend ‘Science in Action’.

They got to hear and learn from leading scientists and experts, including science communicator Greg Foot who told the story of his scientific adventure, diving 1,000ft in the deep ocean in a high-tech submersible.

Carole Mundell from the University of Bath provided a spectacular glimpse into the workings of our dynamic universe, where she uncovered some incredible secrets and delved into black-hole driven explosions.

Helen Pilcher, a science communicator and journalist, explained how advances in genetics have made de-extinction a reality; and how the re-appearance of woolly mammoths, baby-burping frogs and other animals will soon put an end to the dogma that extinction is forever.

Fellow science communicator Steve Mould revealed the strange workings of well-known polymers such as polystyrene and others we have never heard of, for example the high-tech molecules that are shaping the modern world.

Finally, science presenter Marty Jopson placed himself in grave personal danger for our entertainment by demonstrating his dangerous equations!

The trip, on Tuesday 27th February to the Emmanuel Centre in London, provided students with a great amount of knowledge, and it was a day thoroughly enjoyed by both the students and teachers.