Welcome a French Student at Home

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8th October 2018.

Dear 3rd Form Parents,

Re: French students’ visit


Welcome a French student!

An opportunity to practise one’s French

(from Monday 6th May to Saturday 11th May 2019).


This year, as part of our 4th French school exchange, our Parisian partner school, the Collège de La Quintinye, has fifteen students who will be joining our school for a week (from Monday to Saturday). Nine of our own 4th Form students wish to take part in the exchange, which leaves six more French students for whom we need volunteer host families.  

We were wondering if you would like to welcome a French student to stay at your home. The French group is made up of 14 year olds, boys and girls. It will provide an excellent opportunity for your son / daughter’s to practise their listening and speaking skills spontaneously through this visit. Apart from going on cultural visits in London with their respective teachers, French students will attend lessons at St John’s as last year.

If you are interested in welcoming a French student, would you kindly complete the slip at the end of this letter and let me have it at the very latest by Friday 12th October.

Yours faithfully,


V. Hopp (Mrs),

Assistant to the Head.


Pupil’s Name: ___________________________                  Form:_________________


Re: Welcoming a French student at home


Please let me know by ticking the relevant boxes below and returning the slip to me at the very latest by Friday 12th October.




Yes, I would like to host a French student at my home from Monday 6th May to Saturday 11th May 2019.                                            [       ]


Any preferences?                             Boy     [      ]

                                                            Girl     [      ]

I do not mind if the pupil is a boy or a girl     [      ]


Thank you, but not on this occasion.      [      ]


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