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Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice

Posted: 11th February 2023

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Thank you to all the students from St. John’s School who donated to Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice last week.

Our Head Boy, Dylan Shah was invited with his family to Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice in Barnet on Saturday morning. Dylan handed Cathy White a donation of £668.05 from St. John’s Prep and Senior School. We held a mufti day on Tuesday 7th February 2023. It goes to show how we as a community can help in a big way.

The hospice runs 90% on donations from individuals and schools. The state of the art kitchen was donated by McDonalds. They have facilities so that children with debilitating illnesses can enjoy the every day things we take for granted, eg a playground that includes a trampoline that a wheelchair can go on, a seesaw for wheelchairs, a sensory room with a bed that moves, a hydrotherapy room and a safe soft play area.

On grounds of 7.5 acre woodlands, it provides those final critical days of palliative care for those children and those families, in calm and peaceful surroundings. The stories of the children we heard and met, although sad and touching, the work Noah’s Ark does is to give something positive back to these families, by creating memories. They need long term support. If this is something you can do please get in touch with Rebekah Severn 020 8449 8877 or email Uk ll team for their success in the recent ISA Competition. in Nottingham. They fought hard throughout the competition and did not concede a goal. A fantastic team effort.

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