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Music & the Arts at St. John's

Music, Art and the dramatic arts form the fundamental core elements of what we do at St. John’s. While children receive a first-class academic education at St. John’s, it is those who know how to communicate, how to express themselves and be able to convey what they are thinking with clarity and diction, who stand out as exceptional. Children who leave St. John’s go on to interviews and lead others with this core principle and come back to tell us that their preparation on stage, how to illustrate and how to use their voice are all aspects that gave them the confidence to achieve what they wanted to in their future professional, social and personal goals.


Music at St. John’s takes place in a multi-purpose classroom, which houses all of the school musical instruments away from the rest of the school. Children are free to explore music making within various areas of study. The school also houses a suite of purpose-built practice rooms for children to practise during the school day and attend their individually arranged music lessons if they so wish.

At St. John’s, we believe that music is of prime importance.  It provides the very fabric upon which the school operates and it is taught holistically to promote wholly confident and assured young musicians. Time is given on the timetable to the various disciplines it teaches. We have found that the pupils who go on to study music to a high level succeed in ways beyond their imagination and are highly intellectual in other subjects.


From the moment a child steps into the Art Studios at St. John’s it is our desire as specialists to transport them, immerse them in the wonders of creativity. The earliest form of communication was images on cave walls, since then, we have developed a need to express ourselves through the medium of art. This is ever present at our school. The energy of the art rooms at St John’s is electric; it pulses throughout the school on the walls, in the hearts and in the visual colours of displays and exhibits. Art at St. John’s is about experiencing all aspects of life and living it within the school. From the moment a first mark is made, a child has created something and from there the journey continues and grows. The art Departments have placed the greatest emphasis on the individual child’s creative journey. It is our aim to instil and nurture our pupils to develop a love and wonder of art. From the youngest to the oldest child, we give them the opportunity to own their own identity through their artwork. There is no measure or restriction placed on that need and we will always strive to give every child a platform to feel proud and confident through the process of creation.

Performing Arts

At St. John’s an extensive range of Enrichment Activities is provided for students to enhance learning that has taken place in the classroom. These activities help students to make accelerated progress, attain more highly, develop important personal skills and attributes and to enjoy their studies.

Our Enrichment and Extra-Curricular Programme runs throughout the school year, offering students additional opportunities and experiences beyond the school day. Parents/carers are asked to support the school by ensuring that their child takes part in enrichment and extra-curricular activities at every opportunity. Children take acting exams annually based on the course they followed throughout the year.

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At St. John’s we understand that life experiences play an important role in developing an awareness of the wider world around us. We visit art galleries, the opera, attend concerts and theatre productions and the children participate in a choir tour either in the UK or abroad annually. Music, Drama and Art are an integral part of education at St. John’s, offering opportunities that will enhance our pupils’ skills and enjoyment of life.

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St. John’s has an abundant offering of creative arts clubs, ranging from ‘Fun with Arts’ for our Early Years pupils to Music Technology for our older pupils in Y5 onwards. Drama, choir, music theory, Kreativkidz, the A Capella club and orchestra are a few examples of the variety of experience our pupils gain in the creative arts, helping them acquire an appreciation that will stay with them throughout their lives.

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Competitions have played a vital role in learning to compete at a higher level and raise standards. Both the Senior and Prep school have a robust track record in entering Art, Music, Singing and Drama competitions and being placed. All children are encouraged to enter a variety of competitions nationally and internationally to gain experience of the effort needed to excel at a particular creative project and be recognised for that effort.

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Instrumental Lessons

Every child is given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, thereby unlocking critical self-discipline and listening skills, dexterity and skill. Pupils learn to be focused and how to care for valuable and fragile equipment. The First Access Programme of study introduces children to the violin, viola and the recorder. Children also learn to play the drums, the guitar and a choice of wind instruments.

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Voice Lessons

Pupils will always require their voices, whichever future they hope to pursue and so to be able to explore the limits and extent of their voice is highly important. At St. John’s we offer Voice as part of our instrumental tuition programme. We are the current winners of the ISA Acapella competition, evidencing our focus and determination to excel in Singing.

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At St. John’s we have a longstanding tradition of creative workshops, which often take up an entire school day such as looking to develop an understanding of the cultural differences to be found in Indian, Mexican or African music, what instruments are involved and the different sounds they make. Opportunities to host travelling theatre companies, art workshops are a termly experience allowing our pupils to experience creativity in action.

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St. John's Prep and Senior - Upper School Christmas Show 2023
St. John's Prep and Senior - Lower School Christmas Show 2023
St. John's Prep and Senior - Junior Choir - ISA A Capella 2023 Competition Winners