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U14 BOYS JS LYLE CUP – St. John’s vs. Wren Academy Finchley

Posted: 2nd October 2023

In a thrilling display of skill and teamwork, St. John’s Prep and Senior School’s U14 boys took on Wren Academy Finchley in the JS Lyle Cup, marking their debut in the Middlesex County Cup. This milestone underscores the remarkable sporting progress and excellence that is flourishing at St. Johns.

The match kicked off with both sides cautiously testing the waters, creating opportunities at both ends. While Wren Academy managed a few incursions, St. John’s robust defence thwarted any early attempts to seize the lead. As the game progressed, St. John’s gained momentum, creating numerous chances. The breakthrough came courtesy of Harrison Hudson, who showcased exceptional skill in midfield, firing off a sensational strike from outside the box that found the top left corner.

The tempo intensified, and the Wren Academy found it increasingly challenging to contend with St. John’s pace, as well as the individual brilliance of Jayden Olba, Christian Lila, and Harrison Hudson. Jayden, fed by an exquisite pass, saw his shot parried away by the keeper. The rebound fell to Christian Lila, whose attempt struck the post before finding the back of the net.

Goals continued to flow, propelled by the outstanding displays of Jayden and Christian, distancing Wren Academy further. What was a 3-0 lead at halftime swiftly extended to 4-0 mere moments after the restart. With confidence soaring, St. John’s relentlessly pressed forward, leaving Wren Academy struggling to launch any meaningful counterattacks. The scoreline ballooned to 5-0. Samuel exhibited remarkable determination, outfoxing a defender and outmanoeuvring the goalkeeper, only to be brought down as he poised to place the ball into the net. Jayden Olba calmly stepped up and converted the ensuing penalty, making it 6-0.

Christian Lila then took centre stage, showcasing a dazzling display of skill, evading one, two, three, and finally a fourth defender before calmly slotting the ball past the goalkeeper. This masterpiece made it 7-0, prompting a swift discussion between the referee and Wren Academy Finchley. Consequently, the match was called off 15 minutes early due to the commanding scoreline.

St. John’s secured their progression to the second round, leaving an indelible mark of class and proficiency across the entire pitch. Their performance serves as a testament to the outstanding sporting culture fostered at St. John’s Prep and Senior School.