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St. John’s Vs East Barnet School – Netball

Posted: 30th January 2024

Netball Hoop

St John’s 1st and 2nd form Netball teams played East Barnet School today. The 1st form team won with an incredible score of 28 – 0 The result was due to a great performance from all of the girls especially Sophie, who dominated the game with super passes and movement around the court. There was accurate and skillful shooting from Skyli and Alana. Both Lauren and Sia performed well in Wing Attack, and with a very strong defence from Okyu, Tallula and Abigail, the other team were unable to enter the shooting third of the court.

In the 2nd form game, the girls played extremely well, with a score of 18 – 8. Katy and Diyala scored goals throughout the game. Ruya, in Centre, controlled the game with very good movement around the court. Arianna dominated the gourt from Goal Defence, and kept the opposing team’s score low. There was some great game play by Tia in Wing Defence, Olivia in Wing Attack, and the whole team played cohesively with good communication between them.

Robyn and Oluwadabira shared Goal Keeper position, and both played extremely well. What a fantastic start to the year for St John’s Netball teams! Well done girls!